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About this Website


Our experienced engineers will reply to you within 6 hours as to whether we can manufacture your prototype according to
1. Your fixed budget,
2. Your fixed design/specifications,
3. Your fixed delivery date.

Our service is perfect for customers who have decided they want to make a prototype, but who have been turned down by other companies due to low budget, specifications requiring a high level of technical skill or accuracy, or because of a short delivery schedule, and who are in a rush to find a processing company that can help.

All inquiries and requests for quotes are handled free of charge. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements!

There is no need for you to engage in long and tiresome negotiations and procedures because your drawings, budget, quantity and delivery date are all taken as prerequisites. So even projects that have been turned down by other companies can be handled by this system.

This website and related services are operated and provided by Saijo INX.

Our ability to produce low cost, high quality prototypes at short notice combined with our extensive experience serving many of Japan's leading global companies enables us to handle difficult prototype projects that our competitors turn down.

Perfect for any of the following cases!

  • I don't want to negotiate the price or delivery date. I just want to know whether you can or cannot!
  • We don't have much time until starting production! We need someone to make the prototype that other companies said they couldn't do.
  • Other companies said our specs were too challenging, but we want to somehow bring this product to market!
  • Can this novel idea actually be realized? I want to hear the opinion of an engineer who specializes in prototypes!
Free of Charge! Try now!