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We are a project development company, providing a full range of services from prototyping to mass production. We place a particular emphasis on developing our business in manufacturing prototypes that other companies cannot do. Our aim is to become the top prototype processing manufacturer in the world by being the ideal product development, design, and development procurement partner for manufacturers through our ability to deliver thin sheet metal, metal stamping or injection molding prototypes to short deadlines using our unbeatable speed and technical skill.
Data can be sent and received in 3D or DXF format.

Based on our motto of providing anything from single prototype to mass produced products faster than any competitor, we can supply your prototypes at tight deadlines.

Additionally, we identify various potential problems that may occur during mass production while in the prototype stages to enable solutions to be implemented as soon as possible.

For the principal (development) prototype, a disposable die is used to enable quick processing. Data from the principal (development) prototype is used to make an improved prototype, after which the mass production prototype is developed, which provides products to the same specifications and precision as those required for mass production.

SAIJO Original Die-Sets System

figure of SAIJO Original Die-Sets System


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Saijo original process

figure of Saijo original process


Development Support of Thin Sheet Metal Fin from Development & Design to Prototyping

As for analysis technology such like thermal fluid analysis, heat conduction analysis, stress analysis with using analysis tool, we simulate the products (design) at the conceptual stage and evaluate the characteristics of products and the directivity of improvement performance. Therefore, you can shorten the development cycle and reduce the development cost.

  • Checking the temperature distribution, thermal resistance & etc. by analysis of fins.
  • Evaluation of unit to derive the optimum shape for satisfying the specification.
  • Checking the locus of fluid, temperature distribution & etc.
Saijo Standard Fin
  • We have various standard fins, so you can try it easily, before you make customized prototypes.
  • Standard fins that already evaluated the thermal resistance & pressure loss by natural air cooling & forced air cooling of in-house evaluation equipment.
  • Available for lot production.

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Heat Exchanger
  1. You can confirm from completeness of parts to assembly.
  2. We can support in case of problems quickly. (You can confirm what you should modify the product immediately.)
  3. As well as the drawing, you can confirm the gauging.
  4. We can reduce the development cost and shorten the delivery time by 1 - 3
  5. We can reduce your management man-day. (For example, order business, delivery date management, confirmation of parts quality after arrival of goods, and etc.) See the corporate site for details.

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Product Design

Design sketch⇒CG rendering (in preparation) ⇒3D modeling & Design⇒Making sample⇒Unit design & Mechanisims design
Changing your image & design into the shape you need more rapidly.

Design Concept
  • Add the value of design to "Manufacturing" that is inherited the history and culture of Kyoto!
Design Sketch
  • Hearing with ambiguous idea and image of customers
  • Rough sketch based on key word.
  • Making an illustration that can use for presentation
  • Clarify the ambiguous product image
CG rendering
  • in preparation
3D modeling & Design
  • Making the 3D CAD date
    (For changing your image into the shape, making the CAD date is necessary.)
Making sample
  • Shaping your image with 3D printer rapidly
Unit design & Mechanisms design
  • You can make the unit and mechanisms design for internal products like a board.
  • Manufacturing professional design the model
    (Smooth operation from prototype stage to mass production stage)

* About the above service, please feel free to contact us.

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Prototype Metal/Die Set Processing

Our integrated manufacturing process enables us to provide everything from the design of injection molding dies through to manufacturing and molding, insert molding, and assembly processing with metal parts.

Conventionally, metal parts and molding parts were ordered separately from different companies. Our prototype molding department, however, can provide both metal and molding services together, thus reducing the amount of time required to create a prototype.
In particular, our exceptional technical skills enable insert molding, in which the strength of the sheet metal function, and mold cassette technology enables production to short delivery times.
We can also provide a complete manufacturing service, from press fitting manufactured metal and molding parts to insert molding and final assembly. By applying our skills and know-how in simple pressing of sheet metal to mold, we can respond to all of your prototype needs in-house.

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Prototype Fin Processing

Corrugated fin, offset fin, inner fin, louvered fin, waving fin, and slit fin processing

Your innovation partner for lightweight heat radiation fins (heat sink), heat sink and current collector fins!

  • Reduced initial costs, short delivery time and high-precision using our Original Die-Sets System.
  • Suggestions for product shape based on your conditions such as product function, performance, and cost.
  • Suggestions for optimum product shape based on heat analysis simulations.
  • High quality and high accuracy joining through our metal joining technologies.

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Prototype - Drawing Processing

Circular drawing, square drawing, complex shape drawing, deep drawing, drawing + ironing

We specialize in high precision, high accuracy drawing processing for such products as electronic components, battery components, medical and aerospace related components, weak electric current motor case components, shield case components, and sensor components.

  • We have produced a few prototypes by cutting, but want to use stamping (drawing processing), which is the same process as for mass production, to evaluate quality.
  • We need lots of a few thousand units to make sample evaluations for mass production.
  • Our deadline for mobile communication related components is extremely tight and the mass production die-sets won't be ready in time, so we want to use the prototype die-sets instead.
  • We need prototypes in a short time span because we don't have much time for evaluation.
  • We want to investigate whether we can change the manufacturing process for cutting parts to stamping.
  • We want to check whether you can manufacture to our required precision.

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Prototype - Microscopic/Superfine Thin Sheet Metal Processing

Conventionally, a metal die-sets that is the same type as the mass production die-sets is manufactured when manufacturing microscopic/superfine prototypes. However, at Saijo INX, we have established new manufacturing technology for manufacturing prototypes that maintains the same level of quality as in mass production.

  • Same quality level as in mass production.
  • Our high-precision Original Die-Sets System achieves low costs and short delivery times.
  • Inner processing of metal parts by graphical profile grinding.
  • Thousands to tens of thousands of mass production prototypes can be manufactured from one principal prototype.

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Prototype-Round Bus Bar

It is available for improving the space efficiency of products and attaching the insulation properties (insulating layer, surface treatment, thermal expansion tube, molding and etc.).

  • Available for processing to φ2mm~10mm.
  • Improving the material yield at mass-production stage.
  • Providing the 3D shape bus bar.
  • Available for processing the clamp face (surface) by crushing & mounting holes at the flattening part.
  • No die-sets by using standard die-sets.
    * Depending on the shape, exclusive die-sets is necessary.
  • Available for insert molding.
    * As for round shape, separate consultation is required.
  • Available for processing copper & aluminum.
  • Available for supporting your design.
    * Electric properties, cross section, resistance against vibration, size & etc.)
  • Available for processing the sheet metal.
    * Processing limitation of thickness is 3.0mm.

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Prototype -
Original Die-Sets System

Our original Die-Sets system is perfect for projects that require manufacture of just one principal (development) prototype through to the mass production prototype, when the same precision and manufacturing methods as those for mass production are required, and when a large quantity is required or when the deadline is tight.

We will propose the optimum thin sheet metal and molding processes according to your requirements. Our proposals will, of course, incorporate the most suitable prototype manufacturing methods for your required precision, quality, quantity, schedule, and budget requirements.
We can assist in the following types of situations:

  • I want to evaluate the prototype under the same manufacturing processes and precision as mass production.
  • I only want to make 5000 pieces, and want to keep the total costs as low as possible.
  • I want you to use the "Original Die-Sets System" to continue manufacture until the mass-production die is complete.
  • I want to make a large number of high precision parts for automated running tests.
  • Even though it is a prototype, I want cross-sectioned parts made using a metal die for evaluation of parts such as springs, etc.

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