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Q1.How can I contact you?

A1.Please contact us through this website.

Q2.Can I only contact you with requests for quotes, consultation or inquiries by e-mail?

A2.You can contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Q3.Do you accept inquiries 24 hours a day?

A3.No, our opening times are Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 Japan time.

Q4.I want to make an inquiry. Which file formats do you require for drawings and reference materials?

A4.Data can be sent in PDF, DXF or 3D data(IGES, STEP, or Parasolid) formats.

Q5.Is there a limit on the file size?

A5.The maximum file size is 2MB per file, and a maximum of 4 files can be sent.

Q6.When can you let me know whether you can handle my request?

A6.We will send you a reply within 6 hours of receiving your inquiry.

Q7.How is confidential information handled?

A7.We can conclude a non-disclosure agreement wherever necessary.

Q8.Please define the delivery date more clearly.

A8.The delivery date is taken as the date on which the products are shipped from our factory to the address specified by you.

Q9.Are delivery dates calculated based on working days or calendar days?

A9.Dates are calculated based on calendar days including Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Q10.Which language other than Japanese do you support?


Q11.What is the Basic Sales Transaction Agreement?

A11.We will send this to you together with the quote.
Please send us a signed copy of this agreement when you make an official order.

Q12.Do you accept inquiries from individuals?

A12.Sorry, at the moment we only accept inquiries from companies and organizations.

Q13.Which currency do you trade in?

A13.Japanese Yen (¥), US Dollars ($), Euros (€)

Q14.Are there upper and/or lower limits to the total order amount?

A14.There is no lower limit. The upper limit is dependent on the quote amount.

Q15.Please tell me about payment methods, whether credit cards can be used, and whether there are any payment charges.

A15.Bank transfer payments can be made to our specified account. We can also accept payment by credit card (via PayPal).
However, please note that all bank/PayPal charges related to payment must be paid by the customer.

Q16.Please tell me when I need to send payment.

A16.Please send 60% of the total when ordering, and the remaining 40% after delivery (within 3 business days) to our specified bank account. The same 60/40 rule applies to credit card and PayPal payments.

Q17.Please tell me how to pay by credit card.

A17.Please use the PayPal online credit card payment service. This service is a safe and easy way for anyone to make credit card payments.

Q18.Can I specify the shipping service used?

A18.Yes. However, please inform us of your preference when you request a quote (or make an inquiry). If you do not express a preference, we will use DHL, FedEx or UPS.
Shipping charges are not included in the quote, and must be paid by the customer.

Q19.Please tell me about Incoterms (International Commercial Terms).

A19.Our basic commercial terms are Ex-Works(EXW).

Q20.Are there any limitations on where you can deliver to?

A20.Not particularly. However, we may need to discuss with you if there are transport limitations in your area.

Q21.If we need to make changes or cancel after placing an order, when do we need to inform you by?

A21.This differs depending on the specific case and the current progress, so please inquire for details.
However, please note that the fees paid when ordering cannot be returned.

Q22.Which manufacturing methods do you use?

A22.The manufacturing method(s) differ according to the project. We will suggest the optimum manufacturing method for your project.

Q23.Can we specify the manufacturing method.

A23.Yes. However, the manufacturing method affects the delivery time and costs, so please inform us of your preferences when you request a quote (inquire). If you do not inform us at that time, we may not be able to change the method at a later date.

Q24.Will you also send us the inspection data?

A24.Yes, it will be sent together with the products. However, we will inform you in advance if dimensional measurements cannot be made due to the type of product.

Q25.How many different products can we order at the same time?

A25.There are no limits to how many products you can order.

Q26.Can you also do surface finishing (such as plating or painting)?

A26.Yes, we can.

Q27.Can you use materials other than metal plates?

A27.Yes. However, such processing will be outsourced to a separate company.

Q28.What effects will there be on the cost and delivery time if we need to make changes during production?

A28.This will differ according to the project and details of the changes. We will discuss these with you after you inform us of the details.

Q29.What is your support policy if the dimensions are incorrect or other problems occur?

A29.We will do our utmost to solve any issues that arise. We will discuss suggestions such as remanufacturing products or adjusting dimensions wherever necessary.

Q30.Can we purchase the die sets or tools from you?

A30.No, we cannot sell die sets or tools.

Q31.How many die sets /tools can you manufacture?

A31.It depends on the product and shape. Please inform us of the possibility of repeat orders and total production quantity when you request a quote (inquire). We will manufacture die sets and tools in accordance with your requests.

Q32.Can die sets made for prototypes be used in mass production?

A32.No, it cannot be used in mass production.

Q33.What happens if my order will be delayed?

A33.We will do our utmost to ensure there are no delays. However, in the unlikely event of a delay occurring we will inform you as soon as possible.

Q34.Do we need to use the website to contact you again to request repeat production or with design changes after delivery?

A34.You can either contact us through the website again or contact the person in charge directly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question other than those covered above. We will use our broad network to answer your requests.