Workflow Send Conditions / Data Sent Data is Confirmed Reply and Quote (when applicable) Consider Reply and Quote Submit Order Receive Order Payment Manufacturing / Processing Product Shipment Receipt of Product


1.Send Conditions / Data

Use Inquiry form to send the required data, such as your drawings, delivery date, quantity, and budget.
A non-disclosure agreement can, of course, be concluded at the data sending/consideration stage.
If required, please mention so in the "Remarks" section of Inquiry form.

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2.Sent Data is Confirmed

Our prototype department engineers analyze and review your data.

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3.Reply and Quote (when applicable)

We send you an e-mail to tell you whether we can or cannot handle your request.
If we can answer your requests, we will send you a quote and a Basic Sales Transaction Agreement (62KB).
We will reply to you within 6 hours.

Requests can be received from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Japan time), Monday to Friday.
"Japan Time" refers to the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) standard Japan time.


4.Consider Reply and Quote

Please consider whether you want to proceed with your order after receiving our reply. Of course, there is no obligation to order.
We also welcome simple inquiries!


5.Submit Order

Inform person in charge of your order by telephone or e-mail.
Telephone: +81-75-312-8590
E-mail: Please reply to the e-mail address used by person in charge.

You need the issued “ID” to contact us.
If you are contacting us by telephone, please inform person in charge of your ID.
If you are contacting us by e-mail, please be sure to include your ID in the e-mail.

If you require non-disclosure agreement, please inform us of your preferred method.
After that, please send the purchase order and signed Basic Sales Transaction Agreement (62KB).

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6.Receive Order

We will send the purchase order and Basic Sales Transaction Agreement (62KB) also signed by Saijo INX Co., Ltd.
We will also conclude a non-disclosure agreement at this stage if required.



Please confirm the payment conditions below, and submit payment using one of our specified payment methods.

Payment Conditions

  1. Payment by bank transfer
    Payment of 60% of the total when ordering. Payment of the remaining 40% after delivery (within 3 business days after delivery).
  2. Payment by PayPal
    Payment of 60% of the total when ordering. Payment of the remaining 40% after delivery (within 3 business days after delivery).

* Accepted currencies: Japanese Yen (¥), US Dollars ($), Euros (€)
* Manufacturing will be started immediately after confirmation of payment.

Payment Method

  1. Bank Transfer
    Please transfer to the following bank account.
    ACCOUNT NUMBER[YEN] : 473-2409098
    ACCOUNT NUMBER[USD] : 473-9123149
    ACCOUNT NUMBER[EUR] : 473-9123157
    * All bank charges must be paid by the customer.
  2. PayPal
    You can pay using PayPal online payments.
    * All transfer charges must be paid by the customer.

PayPal Payment

  1. captured screen Enlarge(163KB)Receive invoice e-mail
    An invoice e-mail will be sent to you from the following sender and subject line. Sender:
    Saijoinx Co., Ltd. []
    You’ve received an invoice (****) from Saijoinx Co., Ltd.
    Be sure to check the following details in the received e-mail.
    1. That the sender and subject are as indicated above.
    2. That the invoice number (indicated by “****”) in the subject matches your inquiry ID number.
    Check that the invoice number and amount written in the e-mail are correct. If they are correct, click the “Pay” button.
  2. captured screen Enlarge(149KB)Check the invoice details
    The invoice details that we sent are displayed. Check that the details are correct and click the “Pay” button.
  3. captured screen Enlarge(177KB)Send payment
    Send payment using one of these methods.
    • Pay using PayPal
    • Pay by credit card
    After completing payment, an e-mail notifying you of the completed payment will arrive from PayPal.
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8.Manufacturing / Processing

We will manufacture your prototype according to your required methods and delivery date, and will contact you when the prototype is complete.

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9.Product Shipment

We will send you a letter of transmittal and photographs of your product when the product is complete.
Please check the details and contact us with your shipment approval as soon as possible.
We will ship your product as soon as we receive your approval.

Please note that shipping charges are not included in the quote, and must be paid by the customer.


10.Receipt of Product

Upon receipt of your product, please perform your acceptance inspection and contact us within three business days.
By telephone: +81-75-312-8590
By e-mail: or directly to the e-mail address of our representative.

Please read the “FAQ” page for more details on ordering, payment and delivery.